Quality Assurance Program


Dalpar Corporation emphasizes quality at all levels of our organization. Our quality process is applied to all training since the trained student is our product. Our quality program provides structured processes required to produce the highest quality of training while meeting student output goals. Metrics used to define success in meeting training objectives include on-time student graduation, testing success, courseware and simulator backlog, and student training evaluation ratings.

Our quality program is applied to all task orders with focus on meeting all objectives in the statement of work and providing timely and correct Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL) reports. Our Program Managers/Task Leaders track every contractual requirement, report and document current status and timely and accurate delivery. This ensures Dalpar’s ability to prepare and deliver documents required by the task order. All members of the Dalpar team have considerable experience in meeting individual CDRL requirements and understand related elements such as frequency, number of copies, distribution, format and elements often contained in the remarks section.

Throughout the task order delivery period, the Dalpar Task Leader obtains feedback from the customer and provides this feedback to the Dalpar SeaPort Enhanced Program Manager. The Dalpar SeaPort Enhanced Program Manager also interfaces directly with the customer from time to time and institute any corrective actions necessary in task execution, should the need arise. A final review is made of all deliverables prior to their submission.


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